St. Louis going out of Tulagi harbor on on patrol


Updated 04/28/2015

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Introduction to Crew Memories and Entrance to War Saga's in 1941

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      Her luck continued throughout the full operating years in the life of this ship.  From commissioning in 1939 through 11 major battles until de-commissioning in the Philadelphia Navy yard in May 1946.

      First major ship to get up steam and clear the channel on December 7th, 1941.  NO CASUALTIES from a plane strafing run, two torpedoes fired to intercept St. Louis by a "Midget" sub exploded on the coral reef surrounding entrance to channel, probably an attempt to block the channel and bottle up what remained of our fleet.  "Luck of the Lucky Lou" ???

      Torpedo straddle off coast of Oahu on way out to clear sea.  "Luck of the Lucky Lou" ???

      The torpedo hit on the bow in the second battle of Kula Gulf  1942, that destroyed her entire bow,  NO CASUALTIES.     "Luck of the Lucky Lou"  ???

      The DUD torpedo amidships forward of turret four powder magazine, in the first battle of Kula Gulf that would have blown up the magazine, or at the least the after fire room, breaking the ship in two with a terrible loss of life.  In the same battle, her sister ship the USS Helena CL-50 took the same hit, and was destroyed in a matter of minutes.  Damage amounted to some dented side plates, and a little water leakage,  AGAIN!  "Luck of the Lucky Lou" ??

      No casualties of war until, Valentines Day, 1944.  500 lb bomb hit amidships.  23 lives lost, damage to two compartments only.   "Luck of the Lucky Lou" ??

      Direct hit from Kamikaze on starboard fantail, (16 KIA, 35 wounded) one near miss mid-ship waterline, with loss of some armor belt.  "Luck of the Lucky Lou" ??

      61 days combat operations, (Okinawa) 26,000 rounds of major ammunition expended, one torpedo straddle and two missed single torpedo shots,  7 direct kamikaze attacks on ship. No Hits,  3 planes shot down, 2 assist's  "Luck of the Lucky Lou" ??

It really did seem the ship had a charmed life, which of course protected all we men who served on her.   Thank God, for all small favors given us.

Good reading, enjoy.  

Jack R. Jones, crewmember and "Editor" of ships newsletter, the "Hubble-Bubble"