Line Drawing of USS St. Louis CL-49 as we knew her.

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Our Honored Dead


“We therefore commit their bodies to the deep, with the sure and certain knowledge of the Resurrection in the last day, and the life of the world to come, through our Lord Jesus Christ; at whose second coming in glorious majesty to judge the world, the sea shall give up her dead; and the corruptible bodies of those who sleep in him shall be changed, and made like unto his glorious body; according to the mighty working whereby he is able to subdue all things unto himself.”


Portsmouth, Virginia - 1 June 1939
Portsmouth Naval Hospital - Traffic Accident

Coley, Oscar Wilson---S2/c, USN---Terre Haute, Indiana


Territory of Hawaii - 16 October 1941
Hawaiian Operating Area - Aircraft Lost at Sea

James, Willard Hendry---Ensign AV(N),  USNR---Blackshear, Georgia

Allee, William Marion---CRM(AA), USN---Corpus Christi, Texas


Territory of Hawaii - 7 December 1941
Kaneohe,  N.A.S. - Enemy Aircraft Strafing

Porterfield, Robert Kirk---AMM3/c, USN---Bridgeport, Ohio


Territory of Alaska - 16 August 1942
Dutch Harbor, NAS Kodiak to Whitehorse Aircraft Lost

Burrows, Arthur Barton---Major, USMC---Columbus, Ohio

Crook, Joseph Alexander--- Lieutenant, USN---Jackson, Tennessee

Deterding, Charles Ernest, Jr.---Lt(jg), USN---Lowellville, Ohio

Noble, Jay Alvin, Jr.---Lt(jg), USN---Lockport, New York


The Slot - 9 April 1943
Solomon Islands - Lost at Sea

Delain, Frank---S2/c V6, USNR---Caldwell, Idaho


Espiritu Santo Island  - 22 June 1943
New Hebrides - Lost at Sea from Aircraft

Gibb, William---ARM2/c, USN---Glenside, Pennsylvania


San Benito County, California - 15 July 1943
Hollister N.A.S. - Operational Aircraft Crash

Thornton, Maurice John---Lieutenant AV(N), USNR---Pomeroy, Ohio


Fairfield, California - 5 October 1943
Cordelia Junction
- Pedestrian Fatality

Finnerin, John Bernard---F2/c, USN---Fairmont, West Virginia


Vallejo, California - 13 October 1943
Mare Island Naval Hospital - Accidental Drowning

Reno, Kenneth Douglas---WT2/c, USN---Hayward, California


Killed in Enemy Action  

Green Island - 14 February 1944
Bismarck Archipelago -
Enemy Aerial Bomb


Berton, Berdette Bernard---Lieutenant (jg) , USN---Tulsa, Oklahoma

 Baldwin, John Boyd---MM3/c V6, USNR---Beaver, Utah

Baynor, John---CMM (AA), USN---Pasadena, California

Bryant, James Jefferson---F2/c, USN---South Gate, California

Carraway , Kermit Lee---CWT (AA), USN---San Francisco, California

Churchill, Harold Stuart---MoMM2/c, USN---Duluth, Minnesota

Cline, Thomas Russell---MM2/c, USN---Cummings, Kansas

Flood, Edwin Warren---MM1/c, USN---Bowling Green, Kentucky

Freeman, Earl William---Y2/c V6, USNR---Mt. Carroll, Illinois

Gustison, Richard John---F2/c V6, USNR---Waterloo, Iowa

Herron, David---MM3/c V6, USNR---Checotah, Oklahoma

Hill, Mark Dewey---MM1/c, USN---Kinston, North Carolina

Jennings, Frank Richard---MM2/c, USNR---Los Angeles, California

Kitson, Neil Victor---F2/c V6, USNR---Keshina, Wisconsin

McDonald, Joe Ben---F2/c V6, USNR---Walnut Grove, Missouri

McGuffin, William Arnold---F2/c, USNR---Kansas City, Kansas

Myer, Urban Earnest---F1/c, USN---Paragold, Arkansas

Null, Edmund Wallace---MM1/c, USN---Eureka, California

Olson, Wesley Francis---MM2/c, USN---LaGrande, Oregon

Rosandich , Joseph Frank---MM1/c, USN---Sacramento, California

Rosbury, Charles William---F2/c V6, USNR---Detroit, Michigan

Shuman, John Monroe---F2/c V6, USNR---Columbia, Pennsylvania

Stehman, Donald---MM3/c V6S, USNR---Noblesville, Indiana


Espiritu Santo Island - 1 March 1944
New Hebrides - Electrical Accident

Urbani, Stephen Paul---CEM, USN---Royal, Pennsylvania


Tulagi Island - 16 April 1944
Solomon Islands - Poisoning

Rumse, Henry Edward---PhM3/c, USN---Hopedale, Massachusetts


Purvis Bay, Florida Island - May 7, 1944
Solomon Islands, Cerebral Hemorrhage

King, John W.---PFC, USMC---Detroit, Michigan


Killed in Enemy Action

Leyte Gulf - 27 November 1944
Philippine Islands
- Kamikaze Attack  


Vogel, Sebastian George, Jr.---Ensign Av(N), USNR---Everett, Washington

Barrett, Robert Oren---S1/c V6, USNR---Shamokin, Pennsylvania

Bowman, Robert Henry---GM3/c V6, USNR---Roann, Indiana

Boyd, Clyde Roe---ARM2/c, USN---Long Beach, California

Butterworth, Lawrence Ray---GM3/c V6, USNR---Seattle, Washington

Gordon, Wendell Evans---S1/c V6, USNR---Smiths Grove, Kentucky

Goulson, Vernon Victor---S2/c V6, USNR---Milan, Minnesota

Griebahn, Donald Ivan---S2/c V6, USNR---Chicago, Illinois

Janikowski, David Florian---S2/c(GM) V6, USNR---Winona, Minnesota

King, Robert Neal---S2/c V6, USNR---Cleveland, Oklahoma

Lassiter, Eugene Quay---F2/c V6S, USNR---Coolidge, Arizona

O'Neal, Wilson Folis---S1/c V6, USNR---Scottsville, Kentucky

Olsen, Wilmer Ernest---S2/c V6S, USNR---Puyallup, Washington

Powell, John Marshall---CMM(AA), USN---Richmond, Virginia

Shoemaker, George William---S2/c V6, USNR---Chattanooga, Tennessee

Whitaker, Herbert Elroy---S2/c V6S, USNR---Whitaker, Kentucky


Shanghai, China - 29 September 1945
Huangpu River - Accidental Drowning

Miller, Mervyn Richard---S2/c V6, USNR---San Francisco, California


At Sea -  1 November 1945
En route - Guam to Hawaii - Electrical Accident

 Dixon, Warren Ely, Jr.---RT2/c V6, USNR---Cranford, New Jersey



The Navy Hymn

Eternal Father, strong to save, Whose arm doth bind the restless wave;
Who bid'st the mighty ocean deep Its own appointed limits keep;
O, hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peril on the sea.
O Savior, whose almighty word, The winds and waves submissive heard,
Who walkedst on the foaming deep, And calm amid its rage didst sleep;
O, hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peril on the sea.
O sacred Spirit, who didst brood Upon the chaos dark and rude,
Who bad'st its angry tumult cease, And gavest light, and life, and peace;
O, hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peril on the sea.

O Trinity of love and power! Our brethren shield in danger's hour;
From rock and tempest, fire and foe, Protect them where so e'er they go,
Thus ever let there rise to Thee Glad hymns of praise from land and sea. Amen


****May They Rest in Peace****