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St. Louis CL-49 combat veterans should apply for this ribbon. If only for your family and those that follow us in this world.
No. 138-00



      Navy and Marine Corps veterans who served in combat in or after World War II are now eligible to receive the Combat Action Ribbon (CAR). Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig has recently authorized this award for those who served in combat, but never received their CAR

      "At a time when we are focusing on the contributions of these great Americans, this seems especially fitting," said Danzig.

      In order to be eligible for the CAR, veterans must have participated in ground or surface combat after Dec. 6, 1941, but before March 1, 1961, and cannot already have been recognized for the same participation.

      Under Public Law 106-65, Danzig can award the CAR to veterans retroactively. The time period required for submission is being waived in all cases. Two blocks of time have been designated by Danzig for eligibility of the CAR; World War II: Dec. 7, 1941 - April 14, 1946, and Korea: June 27, 1950 - July 27, 1954.

Navy and/or Marine Veterans who served during these periods may write directly to the Navy Awards Branch for settlement. at:

Chief of Naval Operations (N09B33)
2000 Navy Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20350-2000

IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 21, 2000 (703)697-5737(public/industry)

The following information must be provided:

      Standard Form 180 or cover letter with the following information: full name, social security number, service number (if applicable), period of eligibility, unit assigned at the time, and mailing address.

Copy of Naval Personnel Form 553 or Defense Department (DD) Form 214; DD-215 (if applicable).

      Additional substantiating documentation (optional): copies of combat awards: copies of evaluations; muster sheets or orders showing assignment to the unit for the period requested.

      A special section will handle these requests, but no other awards may be requested in conjunction with the CAR. Only CAR requests dated after March 15, 2000, and in accordance with the prescribed guidance will be forwarded to the board for decision. Any prior requests must be resubmitted.

      If a veteran cannot provide the required documentation, a request for personal record information must be submitted to the St. Louis Records Center before submitting the request to the Navy Awards Board.    If a veteran desires to address a different period of time, a request to review the period may be sent, with substantiating documentation, to the Navy Board of Decorations and Medals at the above address.